Monday, February 14, 2011

Cake of Roses

Happy Monday! Here's just a random bouquet of pink roses. Aren't they pretty? Oh, is it Valentine's Day too? Ok fine. Happy Valentine's Day! I suppose they could pass for a Valentine's cake - if you do that sort of thing.

But I think I would love to see this cake on any day of the year. Even if there isn't chocolate and red velvet vertical layers inside. But who's even thinking of what's insde (more on that in another post). Plus, I don't get to cut into this cake because it's for a birthday... which juuuust happens to be on Valentine's day.

I think the roses would look just as amazing in ivory, for a bridal occasion. This decoration is actually deceptively easy and fun. I just used a large star tip and made circles starting from the center of the rose and going around twice. You can find the tutorial from i am baker.

My little Valentine <3...