Thursday, December 23, 2010

MORE Christmas Sugar Cookies!

I've been having such a good time decorating sugar cookies. Practice really does make a difference and each time I make a new batch, I think my skills improve a little. So with this is yet another Christmas batch, but this time there are new adorable characters in my X-mas crew. Once again, I refuse to buy specialized cookie cutters to be used once a year, and then, frankly, put away for safe keeping and never to be found again. I began by sketching out my ideas and figuring out how many steps of icing and drying needed to be done.

I began by piping outlines to my little polar bears and penguins with black. In the second step, I flooded with white once the black icing was dry. As I was doing this, I decided there should be a frosty backdrop of snow and snow falling. While the icing is still wet, you can drop a second color in for a smooth effect.

The owls and birds were done the same way: start with brown, allow to dry, and move on to the next color. It really helped to sketch these out first, especially with the sparrows, because the shapes are a bit odd without conceptualizing the finished image.

Details like leaves, beaks, eyes and feet were added at the end.

Yes, Christmas polar creatures accessorize.

And after a troop of holiday animals made, I just started doodling messages like "Happy New Year" and random filigree work. Sometimes you need to doodle.


  1. Oh my goodness NANCY! So pretty!!!

  2. OOH. Do you use piping bags or those little squeeze bottles?

  3. Cindy, I use disposable piping bags with a Wilton #1 or #2 tip.

  4. WOW You sure you don't want to open a small shop? I'll take care of your marketing :) You are more than good, you are VERY GOOD. Better than most!

  5. Those look so pretty!!! I need to invest in a piping bag! And pretty much startching from scratch!

  6. Beautiful and thank you for the tips :)